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    AGA Hotels
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    Hotel Franchising with Fixed-Cost
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    "Everything you want, and nothing you don’t from your franchise company. Run your property how you like to run it.

    AGA Hotels will provide the marketing tools, revenue strategies, great technology, and more bookings. "

    -Armaan Patel, CEO & Co-Founder

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The Future of Franchising Boutiques

Fixed Franchise Fees


A low fixed per door Franchise Fee that results in more profitability for each franchisee.


Results-driven Marketing Strategies

A marketing platform that actually helps you boost revenue. Get a guaranteed amount of bookings through your website.


We create individualized marketing campaigns for each franchise. 


No Hidden Fees


AGA Hotels helps its franchisees by providing commission-free bookings through its website.


Reasons to join the AGA Hotels portfolio:


  1. Multiple Brands Options
  2. No PIP Requirement
  3. Technology-forward
  4. Revenue Management strategies
  5. Hotel-level Marketing Plans
  6. Discounted OTA Pricing
  7. AGA Loyalty Program
  8. Amenities & Supplies Discounts

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Logos from the AGA Hotel brands - Erth Inn, Lyfe Inn, and Hotel Blu