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    "With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by hoteliers, I built Innrly to offer hoteliers a suite of tools that simplify complex tasks, ranging from daily operations to corporate reporting. Innrly makes life easy for a hotelier, especially if you own multiple properties, as you can have a quick glance at all properties within a single platform."

    Vimal Patel

    CEO, Innrly

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Manage your Hotels at a Glance.

Innrly uses smart automation technology with user-friendly interfaces to deliver efficiency and accuracy and transform data into meaningful and timely insights.


A true business intelligence platform for hotels by hoteliers. 


Offering a 3-month free trial of their full product. Schedule a demo or contact us to learn more.


Key Features of Innrly:


1.Centralized Data Access: Innrly provides a single login to access key data for your hotel portfolio. It brings together revenue, labor, payables, and back-end operational data in one place, offering real-time insight into business performance, hotel management, and employee productivity.     


2. Standardized Operational Performance: The software standardizes operational performance measurements, ensuring consistent metrics across different hotel properties, regardless of variations in hotel leadership skills.           


3. System Compatibility: Innrly is designed to work seamlessly with your current systems, ensuring data and credentials are protected without needing to transition to new setups.          


4. Cloud-Based Automation: The platform features cloud-based integration and customization, enabling financial and technology professionals in the hospitality industry to manage hotel operations efficiently.


5. Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting: Innrly allows users to monitor their entire portfolio on one dashboard, access reports and information as needed, compare hotel management across multiple brands, and track and improve guest satisfaction.


6. Customizable Integrations: The software works with major hospitality software solutions, property management systems, and tools, allowing for fully customizable integrations to pull essential data into one system.

Mobile screenshot showing a night audit and the moble app
Innrly Dashboard showing mock data and KPIs.