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    Digital Tipping Solution
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    "Hifive enables hoteliers to incentivize staff members through cashless tipping while also facilitating a confidential medium for guests to share feedback about their experience without impacting property's third-party review ratings."
    Amaan Dosani

    CEO, Hifive

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Increase Staff's Earning Potential with Hifive

Cashless Tipping


Hifive enables hotels to increase compensation
for their employees by offering cashless tipping options for their guests.


In today's cashless society, service teams have seen large drops in tips. 


Hifve can boost wages $1-4/hour!

Flexible Payout Options


Hifive provides multiple payout options for the payout of tips, including payroll and direct payout to employees.

Guest Feedback and Experience 


Gain transparent insights from guests on their experience through a confidential feedback survey or send your guests to an online review channel of your choice.


Tipping guests are more likely to leave a 4 or 5 star review. Helping to improve your online reviews on average by 25%.

payment finalization screen in hifive
Guest Feedback screen of Hifive - showing a 4 start review and notes