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    Panic Button, Safety, and Compliance
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    "ProSafe is a patented mobile and web application designed for easy compliance, without having to make a large investment in complex systems, hardware, or installations. Our solution is developed to get you compliant without sacrificing on features or risking the health and
    safety of your valuable staff."

    Yazan Barqawi

    CEO, ProSafe


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The Easiest Hotel Safety and Compliance Solution

Protect your staff with one of the leading safety solutions on the market. Built for hotels and their unique employee safety requirements. 


Save thousands of dollars vs competitors while staying fully compliant with local, state, and brand regulations. 


With ProSafe there is no hardware and no installations. 


Key Features:


2-in-1 panic button and master key


Wearable panic button that acts as the employee's master key. Master key functionality ensures your employees carry their panic button. 


Audio-visual evidence


Your staff will be able to gather evidence related to an incident the moment an associate presses the panic button. Audio and Video evidence will be saved on the device and remote-secured servers.


Panic button alarm


Add a layer of safety and peace of mind with ProSafe's Panic Button. Panic alerts will appear in the Admin Dashboard and will alert other nearby users.


QR-RFID location reporting


ProSafe Adds an extra layer of security and location reporting by using NFC-RFID technology. Locations with just wave the device near the tag.

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prosafe wearable panic button