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Navigating ADA Compliance: A Must for Hotels

Ensuring your hotel’s online presence is accessible to all is not just a legal requirement but a commitment to inclusivity. ADA compliance for hotel websites isn’t just about avoiding penalties; it’s about welcoming every guest. From alt text on images to clear navigation, a compliant website guarantees an inclusive experience. Prioritize text contrasts, keyboard navigation, […]

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Ensuring Safety in Hospitality: Panic Buttons for Hotel Staff

The safety and well-being of staff should always be the employer’s top priority. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by employees in the hotel industry, an increasing number of regions and hotel brands are acknowledging the importance of implementing staff panic buttons. This blog explores why panic buttons are crucial and highlights areas and some of […]

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The Advantages of Franchising with Small Independent Brands

The choice between global chains and smaller independent brands has become increasingly significant. This blog delves into the compelling advantages of choosing to franchise with smaller brands, shedding light on the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, personalized support, local appeal, and agility in decision-making at these brands. 1. Flexibility Beyond Conformity: Smaller brands epitomize flexibility in operations, allowing […]

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Revolutionize your Hotel Shuttle Services

Guest satisfaction hinges on seamless experiences at every touchpoint, which today even includes your transportation services. Enter shuttle management solutions like TrackMyShuttle—a groundbreaking solution that transcends traditional shuttle management by offering real-time tracking, on-demand bookings akin to popular ride-sharing apps, and comprehensive fleet management analytics. Let’s delve into how shuttle management solutions are reshaping the […]

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A Spotlight on Our Technology Partners – Oct 16, 2023

Innovation is key to staying ahead. At, we’re proud to collaborate with an array of remarkable partners who bring cutting-edge solutions to the table. Let’s shine a spotlight on these partners, each of whom is making a significant impact in the world of hotel technology. Partner Spotlight 1: Hifive – Boost Staff Earnings with […]

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