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    Reeco is the marketplace hospitality buyers & suppliers deserve.

    Place orders in minutes knowing exactly what’s available, so what you order is always what you receive.

    Reeco offers thousands of products to choose from in one easy-to-use online store.



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Purchasing should be easy. With Reeco, it is.

Reeco is changing the way hotels purchase, receive, audit inventory, manage recipes, and pay their vendors. 


With Reeco, your hotel will be able to order from all its suppliers in one store, receive orders digitally in less than 30 seconds, get accurate inventory product values, and easily pay vendors. 




Buy from all your suppliers in one shop. Reeco offers a unique plug-and-play store that integrates all your vendors and honors existing contracts and rebates from your GPO.


Accounts Payable:


Automate manual invoice processing and payments. Reeco's advanced AI technology helps you code all your invoices automatically.



Simplify and accurately capture your inventory counts. Instead of using Excel or old-school platforms that require manual product entry and delayed price updates, with Reeco's AI-powered solution, you can easily connect your purchasing to your inventory.



Get real-time menu item profitability. Track your food cost, gross margin, and price fluctuations to make smart menu decisions daily. 

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