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Talsey AI

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    Talsey AI
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    AI Guest Messaging
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    "Talsey's conversational artificial intelligence allows you to provide 5-star digital service to each guest.

    Talsey uses natural language processing and custom data for each hotel to properly answer any question that comes her way. She can even understand misspellings, broken English, and poor grammar."

    Logan Nicolson

    CEO, Talsey AI

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The state of the art AI text assistant for hotel guests.

Talsey AI is a conversational Artificial Intelligence Guest Messaging platform. 


The product was built to provide your guests with an easy way to communicate with your hotel and your staff to simplify the guest experience. 


Ask Talsey anything. From simple guests requests, like early check-in, late check-out, more towels, and more. To more complicated requests, like local restaurant or activity recommendations. 


  1. Talsey will provide 5 star digital service to each guest.
  2. Aggregate text conversations to a central inbox for staff.
  3. Talsey's AI flags the most important messages in your staff dashboard.
  4. Pre-arrival, During stay, and Post-stay messaging.
  5. Maximize the returns on gathering guest feedback.
  6. Improve your online reputation through a dynamic post-stay survey. Helping your happy guests to leave online reviews.
Stats and mobile screenshot of survey for side panel on website
Talsey AI mock images of web dashboard and guest facing text message on phone